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City of Atlanta Passed EV Ready Legislation


The City of Atlanta passed an “EV Ready” Law on November 20,2017.  Read more details here.



Proposed ordinance 17-O-1654 would require that 20% of all new commercial parking structures and all new single-family residential homes in Atlanta be “EV ready”, meaning that they will be equipped with the conduit and wiring needed to install EV charging stations.



  • Lays the groundwork for greater deployment of EV charging stations in Atlanta. 

  • Incentivizes EV deployment, as having convenient, accessible charging is critical to putting more EVs on the road.

  • Avoids future cost barriers, as installing the infrastructure for EV charging in new construction as opposed to retrofits of existing structures can reduce costs by 75%.


Key Points    

  • Atlanta is a national leader in Electric Vehicles, having committed to 20% of our fleet converting to electric and low-emission vehicles by 2020

  • This legislation is part of a larger city shift away from fossil fuels to cleaner, more renewable energy sources as part of our commitment to 100% clean energy for all city operations by 2025 and city-wide by 2035.

  • New York City, San Francisco, Denver, and New Orleans have all passed EV ready laws.

  • This is not only smart and reasonable planning but also an investment in green jobs.

  • EVs have zero emissions, thus improving air quality and human health in Atlanta.

  • EVs help with affordability, as they have lower ownership costs related to maintenance and charging.  As transportation costs average about 16% of monthly expenditures for Atlanta residents, an increase in EV drivers can benefit low-income residents, especially if the charging infrastructure is readily available.

  • This keeps Atlanta competitive with national and global market trends:

    • EV sales in the U.S. are increasing 35% annually with now over 680,000 cars / year sold

    • Nearly all major automakers will be producing a line of EVs by 2020, or switching entirely to EVs

    • Internationally, Internal Combustion Engines in new vehicles are being phased out in France, India, Britain, China, Netherlands, Norway, Australia, Ireland, Japan, and Germany. The U.S. does not have a federal policy, but at least eight states have set goals




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