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II. Deploy Light-Duty Municipal Fleets

Local leaders can establish goals as well as adjust procurement policy to electrify their fleets, saving taxpayer dollars, reducing pollution, and providing healthier outcomes for their citizens and the environment. The economic benefits of transitioning to electric fleets is an increasingly compelling reason for many municipal leaders. EVs provide an overall reduction in fuel costs and maintenance requirements so their total cost of ownership is frequently lower than traditional internal combustion vehicles.

A. Electric Vehicle Procurement
light duty car fleet.png

Articulate what the municipality or county is trying to accomplish by transitioning to electric vehicles (EV). List out any metrics of success, such as economic, environmental, public health, climate change, or public relations. Modifying procurement processes can result in significantly more EVs being added to a fleet. For example, adding in a requirement to consider the total lifetime ownership costs. 



B. Model Green Fleets

Exemplar Green Fleet Guides:

C. Tools for Green Fleets
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