Take Action for Electric Transportation and Clean Air Comment Period Open in South Carolina, North Carolina and Florida

Volkswagen violated the Clean Air Act by installing ‘defeat devices’ on their vehicles. They were caught and now must pay $14.7 billion in settlement funding nationwide to reduce air pollution from heavy­-duty diesel vehicles.  Designating the funding to replace diesel school, transit and shuttle buses with electric technology would significantly reduce dirty diesel emissions and protect public health.  Additionally, maximizing 15% allowed for electric vehicle charging stations (EVSE) should be prioritized.  


North Carolina: Submit comments online here by May 3, 2018.

Florida: Submit comments online here by May 12, 2018.

South Carolina: Submit comments online here by May 25, 2018.​

Volkswagen violated the Clean Air Act by installing 'defeat devices' on their vehicles. They were caught and now must pay $14.7 billion in settlement funding nationwide to reduce air pollution from heavy-duty diesel vehicles. 


Florida is expected to receive $166 million of the settlement money to reduce air pollution in our state. Designating the funding to replace diesel school, transit and shuttle buses with electric technology would provide the most significant reductions of dirty diesel emissions and protect the health of all Floridians. Additionally, maximizing 15% allowed for electric vehicle charging stations (EVSE) will provide better access to charging for electric cars, amplifying the clean air benefits provided through the settlement funding.


Please join us and urge Governor Scott to invest settlement funds in electric buses and charging infrastructure.


Sign this petition TODAY and send a message to Governor Scott to request his commitment to invest in electric buses and charging infrastructure.

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