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Charging Forward – August 2020

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Summer is "starting" to wind down and there are new beginnings with the launch of the school year. The winds of change inspired the Electrify the South team to combine our two newsletters into one fabulous freshly-formatted monthly newsletter. We hope you enjoy the new additions to the otherwise same great content, and we remind you that our digital community is stronger than ever so we encourage you to stay connected to us and others on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. To receive these newsletters in your inbox, click here to sign up!

Charging Forward,

Dory Larsen


Powering the EV Movement

After years of legal and legislative wrangling at state and federal levels, the first round of Volkswagen settlement funds will soon begin to flow to grantees. In North Carolina, that first round of funds has been earmarked to replace the state’s oldest transit and school buses with a combination of improved efficiency and zero-emission models. Of the total $31 million, lawmakers also allocated $3.4 million to install electric vehicle charging infrastructure across the state.


The Knoxville Mayor’s Climate Council recently met to discuss transportation-related strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help the city meet its goal of reducing carbon emissions by 80% community-wide by 2050. Area EV experts proposed solutions to make EV charging more accessible across all income levels and boost electric mass transit to offset the number of trips taken in personal vehicles powered by fossil fuels.


Some of the most pernicious resistance to EVs comes, not from cynical merchants of doubt, but from misguided progressives who presume that EV charging will necessitate increased coal consumption. Foolishly, they’re prioritizing a weak third-order effect (increased EV usage increasing electricity consumption, leading to the possibility of increased pressure for more coal plants, leading to the possibility of new coal plants being built or old ones remaining open) over a strong first-order effect (increased EV usage reducing overall energy consumption and emissions). Bad idea.


Get Plugged-In


We're offering three opportunities—Sept 27, Sept 30, and October 3—to learn how fun it is to drive an EV during a virtual ride and drive in a Tesla Model 3 or a Chevy Bolt. You'll see just what it's like on an in-person Driving on Sunshine test drive as we highlight the features of the car, talk about the benefits of driving electric, and have time for a live audience question and answer session. Register for a free one-hour virtual ride and drive below!

Virtual Electric Vehicle Ride and Drives Sept 27, Sept 30, Oct 3



Spending more time at home and watching your electric bills rise? Trying to help your wallet and the environment? Rooftop solar lets the sunshine pay your bill OR power your car – or both! Learn how Solar United Neighbors' solar co-ops and membership help you plug into the sun. We’ll cover the technology and economics of solar and electric vehicles. Many consumers are surprised at how much costs have dropped in recent years. The webinar will be both live and interactive. The first segment features experts on solar and EV. In the second segment, you'll hear firsthand stories from folks who have both an EV and rooftop solar, or PV. We'll close out with a Q+A segment. Learn how electric vehicles and photovoltaic systems (PV) are the sunniest match in the South.

Living and Driving on Sunshine: Electric Vehicles and Home Solar Stories

September 15, 12 PM ET

Register Here


Paving the Way

Our latest video, "EVs Are For Everyone," shows how beneficial and increasingly affordable electric vehicles are for anyone to drive. Used EVs are available for less than $10,000, and driving an EV eliminates the expense of gas and maintenance that a fuel-powered car requires. Plus, new EVs average 250 miles on a single charge! Click the image above to watch the short video.


VW announced that it started production of its new ID.4 electric SUV at its Zwickau factory in Germany. Ralf Brandstätter, CEO of the Volkswagen brand, said, “With the ID.4, Volkswagen is adding an all-electric vehicle to its offering in the compact SUV class, the world’s largest growth segment."


Readers Kicking Gas

Every month we'll spotlight stories and photos from YOU, our readers, about how EVs play a role in your world. To be featured in an upcoming ETS newsletter, send us an email here!

Dick, Naples Florida

"Since 2016 our first EV is a Tesla X and our 2nd EV is the 2018 Red model 3 Performance. The 2020 Blue model 3 Performance was recently purchased by a neighbor here in Naples, FL. The movement to electric cars is catching on once people see how clean and convenient EVs are. Charging at home is a huge advantage – never having to go to a stinky gas station again. Loving our Teslas and continue spreading the word."


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