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Charging Forward – March 2024

Updated: Mar 21

We started the Charging Forward Newsletter back in 2018 as a resource for EV drivers to learn about and advance EV policy. Electrify the South has shifted and evolved a lot over the last six years as electric vehicles have exponentially risen in familiarity, accessibility, and desirability across not just the Southeast, but the entire country. We're all flooded with information on EVs these days, and we’re grateful for that! 

To spare your inbox and focus our energy, this will be the last issue of Charging Forward you’ll receive from us for now. Don’t worry – all the EV content you’ve come to love will just be moving over to SACE’s monthly newsletter Wired In, so make sure you’re signed up! 

We’ll be communicating directly with groups we’re collaborating with, but to keep up with SACE’s Electric Transportation team, be sure to stay connected with us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Our blog is also a great way to stay up-to-date. We'll be staying in touch. If you’re signed up for Charging Forward, you’ll continue to receive periodic emails from us about our exciting programmatic work throughout the Southeast – and there’s a lot on the horizon! 

In the meantime, this month, we crunched numbers with Atlas Public Policy for our 2023 end-of-year state and regional data update to bring more current information to our September 2023 Transportation Electrification in the Southeast report, which analyzes economic development and jobs, EV sales and charging deployment, and funding across Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and the Southeast. The updated state pages reflect that the electric car, truck, and bus markets continue to grow rapidly across nearly all indicators, despite recent media stories to the contrary. Learn more in the body of this newsletter, alongside many other resources we leave you with.

We appreciate your dedication to this newsletter over the years, and we’re excited to turn our focus to reporting more market data, diving into policy and regulatory work, and fighting for environmental justice across the region – and in turn, continuing to share it all with you. 

Charging Forward,

Dory Larsen


Powering the EV Movement

2023 Southeast EV Data: Sales Up, Billions Invested and Jobs

Year-end market data for the Southeast shows continued growth and national leadership in EV manufacturing investments and jobs. We also see growth in sales, charging station deployment, and public funding, despite our region lagging national averages. Read more.

Greening Our Roads: Talking EVs

SACE's Electric Transportation Director shares insights into timely electric vehicle (EV) topics on LinkedIn. Check out what's captured his attention and join the conversation. Read more. 

Sara Vinson: How Vowing Against Oil Changes Led to a Family Love of EVs

Sara Vinson of Covington, Georgia switched to her first electric vehicle five years ago. Two personal EVs, one electric work truck, and many Southeastern road trips later, she shares more about her family's EV journey and the money they've saved along the way.  Read more. 


Get Plugged-In

IRS Support for EV Tax Credits Funding Resource

The U.S. Department of the Treasury has announced final regulations concerning direct pay and tax credits for the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), and opened a free IRA and CHIPS Pre-filing Registration Tool for organizations to register for an elective payment or the transfer of certain clean energy tax credits.

A series of office hours are available to answer questions and help entities with the pre-filing registration process. Learn more here by scrolling down to "Additional Resources" to find office hour registration links.


EV Myth Busting 101


Join Drive Electric Florida for an enlightening Zoom webinar debunking common myths surrounding EVs. The expert panel will address misconceptions and provide accurate information on various aspects of EV ownership and will include SACE's Senior Electric Transportation Program Manager Dory Larsen. Topics include the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), Incentives, Range, Charging Myths, Cold Weather Challenges, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, EV Adoption Trends, and more!

EV Myth Busting 101 Webinar

Mar 27, 2024 | 11:00 AM


Electric Transportation Funding Webinar


This webinar will cover electric transportation funding options for communities in the Southeastern U.S. with specific focus on the Charging Fueling Infrastructure Program. Municipal and government organizations, Chambers of Commerce, COG – Council of Governments, Community Development Groups and SC EVSI Stakeholders are all encouraged to attend.

Electric Transportation Funding Webinar

Apr 11, 2024 | 10:00 AM ET (US and Canada)


Clean Bus Planning Awards Program

Assistance Program

The Clean Bus Planning Awards (CBPA) Program will provide technical assistance to transit and school bus fleets to develop comprehensive and customized electrification plans. Technical assistance is available now. Learn more.


DRVE Tool 2.0: A Guiding Light for Fleet Electrification


Join the Electrification Coalition in the debut of the Dashboard for Rapid Vehicle Electrification (DRVE) Tool, version 2.0. Tool developer Atlas Public Policy will review how the DRVE Tool has assisted public fleets in the past, talk about the new features, and have a brief walkthrough with a Q&A section to follow. The DRVE tool is a turnkey analysis for light-, medium-, and heavy-duty fleet electrification.

DRVE Tool 2.0: A Guiding Light for Fleet Electrification

Apr 24, 2024 | 1:30 PM


EVDX Solutions Lab Southeast

In-Person Event

The Association of Energy Services Professionals (AESP) is taking its EVDX Solutions Lab on the road – and their first stop is the Southeast region! Join them May 31 in Cocoa, Florida where they will be tackling EV customer experience issues that are unique and persistent in our region. Learn more.

EVDX Solutions Lab Southeast

May 31, 2023 | Cocoa, Florida


Paving the Way

Electric School Bus Spotlight on Randolph County, NC

Check out this fantastic "book report" from Plug-in NC that highlights how planned partnerships lead to an A+ with electric school buses in Randolph County, North Carolina. Read more.


State Electric School Bus (ESB) Toolkit

States across the country are taking steps to bring the health, climate, and economic benefits of electric school buses to their communities – what have we learned from their experiences and best practices? The Alliance for Electric School Buses, in collaboration with WRI’s Electric School Bus Initiative, has created a state policy playbook with recommendations for policymakers, regulators, and advocates interested in advancing equitable electric school bus adoption. Read more.


RMI Circular Battery Economy Initiative Dashboard

While many recognize that a circular battery economy – one in which end-of-life (EOL) electric vehicle (EV) batteries are reused or recycled – can play a significant role in emerging regional battery economies, many stakeholders like investors, manufacturers, and policymakers don’t know which targeted interventions would bring this economy to life.

The RMI Circular Battery Economy Initiative Dashboard gives electric vehicle battery (EVB) stakeholders critical insights on today and tomorrow's supply chain gaps to help them make informed decisions that advance a circular battery economy. Read more, or learn more in this article about the dashboard.


Annual New Light-Duty EV Sales Topped 1 Million for the First Time in 2023

EV sales more than quadrupled from 2020 to 2023, a period of rapid growth that has seen Americans purchase 4.7 million EVs and shows clear and persistent satisfaction among early EV adopters. Check out some insights from SACE's Electric Transportation Director Stan Cross here.


Boosting Health for Children: Benefits of Zero-Emission Transportation and Electricity

A new report from the American Lung Association (ALA) highlights the positive impacts that a nationwide transition to zero-emission transportation and electricity generation would have on children’s health. Learn more.


Electric Freight Dashboard

Built in collaboration with Atlas Public Policy, this dashboard from the Electrification Coalition tracks data about the state of freight vehicle electrification in the United States and the availability of funding for the acquisition and deployment of electric freight vehicles and supporting charging infrastructure. To explore the dashboard for national and state-level insights on current deployments and market opportunities for freight electrification, learn more.


Comparing the Cost of Owning the Most Popular Vehicles in the United States

This new fact sheet from Atlas Public Policy compares five of the most popular gasoline-powered vehicles sold in 2023 to their EV equivalent for purchase, assessing the total cost of ownership (TCO, or how much it costs to purchase and drive a vehicle) of each. Learn more.


Kicking Gas

Barbara and Rick Heinen | Dunedin, FL

Thanks to Barbara and Rick Heinen for taking a spin in the Tesla at the Hope Spot Festival in Dunedin, Florida this month. While driving an EV might be daunting at first glance, ride and drives are a great way to learn more and gain familiarity with EVs, plus meet others like you who are interested.

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