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Charging Forward – September 2020

This month we celebrate the fall equinox, return of cooler weather, shorter days, pumpkin making its way into all of our foods, and National Drive Electric Week (NDEW)! Like many events this year, because of COVID-19 NDEW will be different (more virtual and modified in-person events) than years past. Find one of the many events SACE is co-hosting in the "Get Plugged In" section below. We know word of mouth is an important way to get people thinking about going electric so we would encourage you to share these events, especially if you drive an EV and have been asked about it. Talk to your friends, neighbors, family members, heck, even your dentist. With so many amazing events packed into one week, NDEW is a great way to introduce new folks to EVs.

Also, running concurrently with NDEW is the National Solar Home Tour. This is a similar effort as NDEW with a week of learning about rooftop solar. We at SACE believe that powering our electric transportation with clean renewable energy is key and we recently hosted a webinar on how to power your EV with rooftop photovoltaic solar (PV). So be sure to catch the "Living and Driving on Sunshine" blog below, which includes a link to the webinar.

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Charging Forward,

Dory Larsen


Powering the EV Movement

Despite the setbacks with the worldwide pandemic, the International Energy Agency (IEA) is projecting EVs to reach a record share of the overall car market this year. We are working to ensure this becomes a reality, so during this unusual year, we are continuing to push for policies that will accelerate EV adoption. To celebrate the upcoming National Drive Electric Week, we will offer virtual opportunities to connect those who want to learn about driving electric vehicles with the resources that can help. To find an event that you’d like to join, check out this blog post


In the summer of 2020, we mourned the passing of longtime SACE Board member, Dr. Ed Passerini. A scientist, professor, and friend, he was a lifelong clean energy advocate who built the first solar-powered car. Since 1977, Ed was Driving on Sunshine and inspiring others with his inventive nature to push the boundaries of what's possible and chart a better future for all of us. We are honoring Ed and continuing his life's work by dedicating our Driving On Sunshine campaign in his name. Watch our short tribute video below and, if you are able, consider supporting SACE's electric transportation advocacy and policy work through a donation to our Driving On Sunshine campaign.


We purchased a low-mileage used electric vehicle for our family in 2017. After Hurricane Irma, we added a rooftop solar system that powers our home and our car. We couldn't be happier about our choice to be living and driving on sunshine. It’s virtually emission free, a significant savings for our power and car bills, and more resilient. Plus, read the blog post to see how we were able to use the inverters on our solar system to power our EV and our refrigerator when my neighborhood lost power.


Get Plugged-In


During National Drive Electric Week, we are offering three opportunities—Sept 27, Sept 30, and October 3—to learn how fun it is to drive an EV during a virtual ride and drive in a Tesla Model 3 or a Chevy Bolt. You'll see just what it's like to test drive an EV as we highlight the features of the car, talk about the benefits of driving electric, and have time for a live audience Q&A session. Celebrate National Drive Electric Week with us and register for a free one-hour virtual ride and drive below!

National Drive Electric Week Virtual Test Drives Sunday, Sept 27, 2 - 3 PM ET: Register

Wednesday, Sept 30, 6 -7 PM ET: Register Saturday, Oct 3, 12 - 1 PM ET: Register



During this time of social distancing, Palmetto Clean Fuels (PCF) and the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy (SACE) and the local electric vehicle (EV) community are offering you an opportunity to experience an EV through an Electric Vehicle Virtual Experience! Join PCF, SACE, and a local Toyota Prius Prime owner to learn about plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), how to operate and maintain them, and how charging works.

Oct 20, 5:30 PM ET


Paving the Way

Ford Motor Co. revealed an audacious plan to build a $700 million plant at the Rouge complex that would create the first all-electric F-150, the nation's bestselling vehicle. "This plant mirrors the story of America and American manufacturing," said Bill Ford Jr., executive chairman. "This is where the industrial revolution took hold, where the arsenal of democracy was forged, where parents and grandparents and great grandparents built not only cars and trucks but their own American dreams."


Owners of the new Volkswagen electric SUV that eventually will undergo assembly in Chattanooga will receive three years of unlimited charging on Electrify America's nationwide network of ultra-fast chargers at no additional cost to the vehicle's purchase price. SK Innovation plans to supply the batteries for the SUV and plans to create more than 1,000 jobs by the end of 2021 and over 2,600 jobs by 2024 at its Commerce, Georgia, factories.


When you drive an electric vehicle, an added benefit to saving time and money is that you get to drop the germs and drop the hassle that comes with filling up at gas stations. In today's reality of doing all we can to reduce our exposure to germs, that's a big bonus that you might not have considered pre-pandemic. Click the image above to watch the short video.


The transportation sector is a leading contributor to both climate change and air pollution. Today, nearly half of Americans live with unhealthy air, and climate change is making it harder to protect public health. The American Lung Association released "The Road to Clean Air" report to highlight the potential for major public health and climate change benefits through a robust nationwide transition to electric vehicles.


Readers Kicking Gas

Every month we'll spotlight stories and photos from YOU, our readers, about how EVs play a role in your world. To be featured in an upcoming ETS newsletter, send us an email here!

Deirdre, Winter Park, FL

"Here is my picture with my Tesla, taken in Steamboat Springs, CO. I bought it because the range worked for my lifestyle, and it would make me feel good knowing that I was leaving almost no trace (sound and emissions) as I drove to my destinations."


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