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Electric Vehicle Bi-Weekly News Roundup-Apr 12

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EV Earth Day

Drive Electric Earth Day is a national campaign to share information about electric vehicles. Join us at an event to learn how electric vehicles (EVs) are less expensive to drive, more convenient and cheaper to maintain, fun to drive and a far better environmental choice over gas-powered cars. Click here to learn more and find events in the Southeast.


Take Action: Federal EV Tax Credit Extender Bill

We need your help!  A bipartisan bill has been filed in Congress that supports extending the federal electric vehicle (EV) tax credit. The Driving America Forward Act would raise that cap to 600,000 vehicles per automaker (the current tax credit is capped at 200,000 vehicles per automaker, with Tesla and GM having already hit that cap). The legislation is sponsored by Senators Lamar Alexander (R-TN), Debbie Stabenow (D-MI), Susan Collins (R-ME) and Gary Peters (D-MI) on the Senate side, and Congressman Dan Kildee (D-MI 5) on the House side. It has the support of the auto industry, the Edison Electric Institute, and a number of other key stakeholders.

Click here to tell your representative and senators to support the Driving America Forward Act NOW.


Electric Vehicles

Ford Confirms Mustang-Inspired Electric SUV Goes 370 Miles Per Charge

Don’t hold your horses Ford, let’s see more!

A new report, Update on Electric Vehicle Costs in the United States Through 2030,

from the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) finds the initial cost for EVs will be at parity within the next 5-10 years and that point is even sooner when fuel savings are factored in.

Future Electric Cars: Upcoming Battery-Powered Cars That Will Be On the Roads Within the Next 5 Years

This article has great images and descriptions of 31 upcoming EV models!


Duke Energy Proposes $76 Million for Electric Vehicle Infrastructure in North Carolina

Duke Energy asks North Carolina regulators to approve a $76 million dollar 3 year pilot for EV infrastructure buildout. This would be the largest EV infrastructure pilot, by far, in the Southeast.

Exclusive: United States Sets Sights On China in New Electric Vehicle Push

The U.S. government is developing a coordinated effort to streamline the EV supply chain. This is an attempt to reduce the raw materials being imported to create EVs and increase domestic mining and battery production. In a related article from Electrek “The pursuit of a domestic supply chain for electric vehicle materials could have a drastic effect on the U.S. electric vehicle market — from manufacturing and mining jobs to EV prices.” As these plans are developed it’s important that all aspects of the supply chain be done in a way that minimizes environmental impacts and are ethically sourced.

Go-Station Building New EV Charging Network

New kid on the block charging network ‘Go-Station’ is doing their homework before going full throttle.

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