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Electric Vehicle Bi-Weekly News Roundup-Mar 1

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Disruptive Technology

There has been a lot of news lately about where we are in the electric transportation revolution. These next articles put that in focus.

Electric Cars Are About To Absolutely Demolish Gasmobiles

Hold on to your hats! We are getting close to skyrocketing EV adoption.

Three In Four U.S. Drivers Believe ‘EVs Are the Future Of Driving,’ Survey Says

The survey was conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of Volvo Car USA, and Volvo released the results in a report titled “The State of Electric Vehicles in America.”

The Coming Car Recession — As Bad As The Great Recession Of 2008?

This article points out the importance of the sentiment of the previous article. Once enough people believe a superior product is right around the corner (EVs), traditional car sales will drop off. The cautionary “yellow line” described in the article depicts the Osborne Effect: carmakers not having the product for which there is demand.


Electric Vehicles

Volvo's Polestar Joins Electric Car Race With Rival To Tesla 3

“Volvo Cars’ luxury performance brand Polestar unveiled its first fully electric sedan on Wednesday, opening up online pre-orders for the five-seater fastback at a price and with a driving range to rival Tesla’s mass market Model 3.”

Porsche’s Best-Selling Macan SUV Is Going All-Electric

Porsche places bets on an electric version of its best-selling U.S. vehicle, the Macan SUV.

The Five Most Highly Anticipated Electric Vehicles To Be Released (And None Is a Tesla)

Check out these newcomer models joining the 40 EV (electric vehicle) and plug-in hybrid models available in the U.S.


Amazon Shipping Could Be a Tipping Point For Electric Fleets

“It might sound like a stretch for Amazon to make its own electric delivery fleet, but the company actually has made major leaps in cleaner logistics before.”

Gainesville, Fla., Deploying Electric Transit Buses

The Gainesville Regional Transit System (RTS) in Florida is deploying two 40-foot GILLIG battery electric buses with technical assistance from The Center for Transportation and the Environment (CTE).


Latinos, Blacks Breathe 40 Percent More Pollution Than Whites, Study Says

EVs and targeted actions are needed to address the disproportionate impacts to communities of color from pollution caused by the transportation sector! This is the original Union of Concerned Scientists study that presented the data.

States Take the Wheel In Drive for Cleaner Vehicles

“When it comes to rolling out cleaner, more sustainable vehicles, states are driving change and leading the pace.”

Local Leaders Accelerate Electric Transportation

Local leadership is key to more electric transportation! Check out what these cities are doing.

EV Myth Busting

Wes Wheeler: Dispelling Myths About Electric Vehicles

The reality is EVs are exciting and practical for most Americans!

3 Myths You Should Know About Electric Vehicles In The U.S.

Let’s combat the myths and embrace clean EV technology!

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