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Electric Vehicle News Roundup - Feb 14

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SWFL Veg Fest 2020

Bonita Springs, Florida

Join us for a test or ride along drive in an electric vehicle at SWFL’s largest Vegan Festival on Sunday, February 16 from 10 AM to 5 PM and make sure to stock up on some delicious vegan food while you're there! RSVP here.

TCC Center for Innovation EV Ride and Drive

Tallahassee, Florida

On Thursday, February 20 from 8:30 - 11:30 AM we'll be offering test drives in Tesla Model 3 at the TCC Center for Innovation! Learn about electric vehicles and how to charge them too. RSVP here.

Driving on Sunshine Roadshow events pop up everyday and can be cancelled anytime for weather, etc. Click here for the most up-to-date events calendar.


Electric Vehicles

See Why We Love Driving Electric and Why Clean Transportation Allows Us to Leave Fossil Fuels in the Dust

We’re ready to push the pedal to the metal, even more, this year with our Driving On Sunshine campaign. Check out our new promotional video and help us spread the word about the electric vehicle roadshow that’s empowering individuals and communities across the Sunshine State to transition to clean, electric transportation!

Are Electric Vehicles Really Better for the Climate? Yes. Here’s Why

"The latest data from Union of Concerned Scientists affirms that driving on electricity produces significantly fewer emissions than using gasoline and is getting better over time. 94% of people in the US live where driving an EV produces fewer emissions than using a 50 mpg gasoline car."

Super Bowl 2020 Electric Car Ad Showdown Which One Gets You Charged Up?

There was a major game on earlier this month, but something even more major is the electric vehicle revolution. Check out three ads promoting EVs that aired during the Super Bowl earlier this month.

UPS Orders 10,000 Electric Vans From EV Maker You Probably Haven't Heard Of

The plan to add 10,000 electric vans to the UPS fleet "appear to reconfirm the long-term vision that the mass adoption of EVs will be aided by logistics companies and other types of businesses whose fleet orders will help bring about cleaner and quieter urban areas. These fleet-run vehicles will be able to recharge at night at their home bases, instead of using public charging stations, and will make delivery runs throughout the day in a defined geographic area, making maintenance easy for their owner companies."

Amazon and Rivian Dish Details On Their New Electric Delivery Van

As a part of their Retailer Climate Pledge that aims to meet Paris Climate Accord agreements 10 years early, Amazon and Rivian have teamed up to put a purpose-built electric delivery van on the road in 2021.



Electrify America Completes 400 EV Charging Stations

Electrify America confirmed that they completed the installation of their first 400 EV charging station - including over 1,700 charge points - only 20 months after starting the deployment. The EV charging infrastructure company plans to deploy one of the most extensive electric car charging networks in the US. All of the company’s highway fast-charging stations are equipped to charge vehicles at up to 350 kW. They also have 150 kW in urban areas for city charging.

ChargePoint Will Work With NATSO To Bring the Charging Stations To Rural Communities and Bolster Stations Along Highways

NATSO, which represents America's travel plazas and truck stops, is teaming up with ChargePoint, the world’s largest electric vehicle charging network, to create a National Highway Charging Collaborate to extend EV charging to every part of the country.

Over the next decade, the Collaborative will leverage $1 billion in capital to deploy charging at 4,000-plus travel plazas and fuel stops that serve highway travelers and rural communities and will enable long-distance electric travel along major routes.



FTA Announces $130M Low-No-Emission Bus Program Grants

GRANT OPPORTUNITY: The FTA announced the availability of up to $130 million in competitive grant funds through FTA’s Low or No Emission Bus Program. The program will help sponsors purchase or lease low-or no-emission vehicles that use advanced technologies for transit revenue operations. Let your local government know and bring electric transportation to your city! Click here to apply for available funding.

Department of Environmental Protection VW Funding Opportunity

The Diesel Emissions Mitigation Program utilizes funds from the VW Settlement and EPA's Diesel Emissions Reduction Act State Grant Program for projects which mitigate mobile sources of emissions. Click the link below to look at available grant funding. Click here to apply for funding.

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