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Electric Vehicle Weekly News Roundup-Feb 1

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South Carolina EV Bill

South Carolina Senator Sandy Senn has filed a bill that would allow EV manufacturers to sell directly or indirectly in the state. If you live in South Carolina and want to take action, contact your legislators via the SC legislative page, here. To read the bill language, click here.


North Carolina EV License Plate

EV enthusiasts in North Carolina are working to get a new "Drive Electric" license plate adopted, which can be displayed on ALL vehicles, not just EVs. The DMV and General Assembly will consider adopting the new plate if 500 (paid in advance) applications are received by February 8, 2019! The application must be snail mailed to Advanced Energy who is coordinating the process. Click here for the application and instructions.

Electric Vehicles

The Kia e-Niro is the first electric car to win both “Car of the Year” and “Electric Car of the Year” according to What Car?, the UK’s biggest car-buying brand.

R1T in Aspen, CO. Photo courtesy of Rivian website.

A deep dive on American-made EV truck and SUV startup Rivian.

Not in the market just yet but doing some research? Here is a lengthy list of EVs that are coming soon.

Duncan Aldred, vice president of the GMC brand, says it’s considering electrifying its heaviest trucks.


Funding is available for eligible charging station projects via 2019 Clean Fuel Advanced Technology (CFAT) funding.

The L.A. startup found a well-capitalized backer for its charging network software platform.

Following an investigation and testing, Electrify America announced in an updated press release that it is restoring full capacity to its entire network.


New analysis from the International Council on Clean Transportation indicates the location of charging infrastructure is as important as the overall numbers.

New Mexico is the latest state to announce they are adopting Zero Emission Vehicle standards to reduce polluting emissions from light-duty vehicles sold in the state.

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