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Electric Vehicle Weekly News Roundup-Feb 8

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EVs Make the Link between Clean Power and Reduced CO2 Decarbonization of the transportation sector is absolutely critical if we want to decrease emissions in a stable, successful, fulfilling economic world. EVs hold one of the biggest keys to that success. To read more about this connection, click here.

By Dori – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Miami-Dade Ordinance Seeks To Increase EV Charging Stations

The proposed ordinance will require certain new construction projects to equip 10% of their parking spaces with necessary electrical components to install an EV charging station. Since a high percentage of the costs of installing charging infrastructure stems from retrofitting (excavating, trenching, resurfacing), this will make the installation of charging stations in the future much cheaper. To read more about the ordinance and how you can submit public comments at the meeting on February 13th, click here.


Electric Vehicles

Audi Super Bowl Ad: Heavenly Electric-Car Future, Hackneyed Themes?

“Electric has gone Audi” is the tagline on Audi's new EV commercial. The quirky ad has a "Field of Dreams" feel and misses the mark on conveying the awesome engineering. It does at least show Audi is willing to spend some cash on advertising. Click to view the ad below:

Tesla Launches New Cheaper Model S and Model X With Software-Limited Battery Pack

Tesla is streamlining options of the Model S and Model X lineup by launching cheaper options with a software-limited battery pack.

EVs Projected To Overtake Hybrids as Best Deal For Ride-Hailing Drivers

A cleantech group’s research predicts that electric vehicles will be more economical than hybrids by 2025. In case you missed it, the report by ICCT was also highlighted in the January Electrify The South monthly newsletter.


Oil Companies and Utilities Are Buying Up All the Electric Car Charging Startups

Though they once dismissed electric cars, oil giants and utilities now want in.

Duke Energy Pilot Program Would Focus On Increasing Adoption Of Electric Vehicles

Duke Energy Carolinas is hoping to kick off 2019 with an electric vehicle pilot program designed to help meet the needs of the growing market.

Forget Light Poles, British Firm To Build Chargers From Cable Boxes

British broadband provider plans to start a pilot project using existing cables and trenches to power charging stations for EVs. How's that for 'thinking outside the box'?


Electric, Autonomous Vehicles Could Cut U.S. Gasoline Demand

A new Morningstar report says that the rise of autonomous and electric vehicles may steeply cut U.S. gasoline demand in coming decades.

With More Electric and Hybrid Cars On the Road, States Increase Fees

Critics argue that the revenue raised isn't worth weakening the incentives to buy more environmentally friendly vehicles.

The Lessons of Norway's Rapid Electric Vehicle Adoption

One main takeaway: temporary subsidies and incentives can kickstart the adoption of new green technology.

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