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Electrify The South Collaborative Bios



At the Collaborative kickoff in Savannah, SACE and SSDN facilitated multiple panels and conversations. Please view the panels and recordings and survey questions from the panels below.

Community Engagement Panel: It Takes a Village 
A kickoff conversation with community engagement and collaboration leaders about the need for and benefits of community engagement.

Table Conversations and Group Solutions 

Facilitated small table conversations to identify and discuss challenge trends and themes facing local governments in accessing and implementing federal electric transportation programs, and a facilitated report out to share successful strategies and solutions to overcome identified barriers. 



State and Federal Panel 
An audience discussion with a panel of federal and state government representatives to discuss the challenges and solutions identified the day prior. It was also an opportunity for participants to share recommendations for future federal programs with state and federal panelists. 

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Local Government Success Stories

A panel of local governments share the outcomes of successful federally funded electric transportation programs from development through implementation

Local Government Peer-to-Peer Integration

A facilitated conversation taking all the problems heard over the duration of the Collaborative and building solutions. Wrapping it up and understand where the gaps still are and what is needed to move forward in order to secure and implement federal funding to meet  the electric transportation needs and goals of local governments.


 Electrify the South Collaborative: Cities and Towns Share Solutions to Drive Change

 Electrify the South Collaborative: Digging into Electric Transportation Opportunities, Challenges and the Path Forward for Local Governments

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