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Our Partners

The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy is proud to partner with stakeholders and community leaders through our Electrify The South campaign. The work we've done across the Southeast to accelerate clean transportation, through advocacy, policy, and education, would not have been possible without our diverse stakeholders who are united behind a common vision: to increase electric transportation adoption, reduce carbon emissions, and promote healthier and safe communities across the Southeast.

SACE has been a valuable Clean Cities partner supporting EV education and outreach through effective ride and drive events.

Jonathan Overly, East TN Clean Fuels Coalition + Tennessee Clean Fules

SACE has continually been an important leader in developing the actions and policies needed to accelerate transportation electrification in the Southeast.

Ben Prochazka, Electrification Coalition

SACE has their finger on the pulse of the most important energy and transportation issues in the Southeast United States. We greatly appreciate their proactive efforts, balanced approach, and strong advocacy in accelerating our transition to a clean energy future.

Dan West, Rivian

Image by Ivana Cajina

SACE has been an important partner in our high-impact climate action work. They helped us educate and navigate internally to create our Transportation Electrification Study in 2019 and since then, this work has set us on a course to really take action across the various clean transportation issues and opportunities.  I am particularly grateful of their efforts to continue to make this transition equitable so that everyone in our communities can benefit from the clean transportation economy. 

Megan Anderson, City of Raleigh Office of Sustainability

SACE's relationships with key stakeholders, its market research and its advocacy have all proven invaluable to advancing electric transportation across the Southeast.

Josh Cohen, Shell Recharge Solutions

Image by Nathan Anderson

The team at SACE are very knowledgeable about both EV policy and industry perspectives and are a trusted resource for researching our EV initiatives.

Brian Blackmon, Knoxville Office of Sustainability

SACE has been a trusted and knowledgeable partner for the Natural Resources Defense Council for all our work across the Southeast. As we explored the growing opportunity for electric transportation in the region, we naturally turned to SACE who helped hone and amplify our efforts and coordinate with regional stakeholders.

Luis Martinez, National Resources Defense Council

Image by Ernest Ojeh

SACE’s strategic and technical expertise in sustainability, clean energy, and transportation has been a valuable asset to our planning and implementation efforts towards reaching our community climate goals.

Jacob Bolin, Plug-In NC

Nancy LaPlaca, Boone, North Carolina

We have worked collaboratively with SACE on a variety of projects and their expertise, enthusiasm, and energy have been top-notch. Together we will electrify the Southeast!

Bruce Edelston, Alliance for Transportation Electrification

SACE electric vehicle expert Stan Cross was enormously helpful in explaining to the Boone Town Council why electric vehicles are the future.

Image by Andrew Roberts

Over the past year, Atlas Public Policy has worked closely with SACE to shape the conversation around transportation electrification opportunities throughout the Southeast. Working at both the regional and state level, Atlas and SACE have effectively communicated a growing opportunity for transformational investments in transportation electrification throughout all of the states where SACE operates. Our collaborative efforts have resulted in three reports on the transportation electrification landscape across the region and a deeper dive in two state markets. Atlas is excited to continue this work in 2021 and expand the impact of this fruitful partnership!

Nick Nigro, Atlas Public Policy


As a USDOE Clean Cities Coalition affiliate, the partnership we have developed with SACE is a natural fit. We especially appreciate and rely on their insights around electric vehicle policy, both nationally and in our own backyard.

Jason Wager, Centralina J Council of Governments

SACE's contributions to the Drive Electric TN's Local Government Action Plan has been extremely valuable, particularly SACE's Policy Toolkit.

Alexa Voytek, Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation

SACE's team of experts brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding to a variety of stakeholders who are navigating the world that is electrification. SSDN's Sustainability Directors from local governments across the South are constantly seeking opportunities to bring transformation to local government and lead the way to a cleaner, brighter future. The SACE team provides guidance and leadership that makes these efforts all a part of something bigger.

Meg Jamison, Southern Sustainability Directors Network

USF Transportation Day

From being a leading voice for EV policy solutions to conducting ride and drives across the Southeast, SACE is a tremendous resource for all things electric transportation – Triangle Clean Cities counts them as a valued partner in our mission to promote sustainable transportation solutions!

Sean Flaherty, Triangle J Council of Governments

Image by David Martin

The transportation electrification policy landscape is changing rapidly and SACE’s Stan Cross has established himself as the go-to policy expert in transportation electrification in the Southeast, quickly and concisely answering any question that comes his way and working hard to drive the advancement of electric vehicles throughout the region.

Jen Weiss, North Carolina Department of Transportation

We relied heavily on nonprofit partners such as the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy to increase our knowledge of green fleet planning and gain access to policies from other municipalities. The city also examined the success that the cities of Orlando, Winter Park and Largo have had with incorporating hybrid and electric vehicles into their fleets. A fleet policy from the city of Charlotte, N.C., was used as a model policy for Clearwater’s green fleet policy.

Sheridan Boyle, Sustainability Coordinator, Clearwater, Florida

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