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Electric Vehicle Bi-Weekly News Roundup-Mar 15

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Electric Vehicles

Tesla is 'Bringing S3XY Back'

Tesla unveiled the model Y last night and Musk spelled out with the models arranged on the stage that they are 'bringing S3XY back!' Check out the video of the release. The Long Range version expected in Fall 2020 will have a 300 mile range and the Standard Range, expected in spring of 2021, will have 230 miles of range and a $39,000 price tag.

Honda Says Platform For Urban EV Suitable For A Family Of Compact Electric Cars

Honda has released its EV prototype at the Geneva car show.

2019 Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid Review: Subaru’s First PHEV Offers Its Loyal Customers a Taste Of Zero-Emission Miles

Subaru fans, this one’s for you!

Audi To Premiere Two Innovative EV Concepts In Shanghai And Frankfurt

“Audi is readying a pair of futuristic concept cars that are set to launch this year in as many auto shows”.


States Target Electric Car Owners With New Fees

In response to the misinformation campaign, here is information that counters the claims made in The Hill column. The tax money gained by overtaxing EV drivers will in no way make up for the growing Highway Trust Fund deficit (that EVs did not create).

N.C. Bill Aims To Expand ‘Free Market’ For Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Letting charging stations collect more predictable fees would spur private investment in electric vehicle infrastructure, proponents say.


Amping Up: Charging Infrastructure For Electric Trucks

North American Council for Freight Efficiency in partnership with the Rocky Mountain Institute offer a roadmap that fleets considering deploying electric trucks can follow to ensure they have a cost-effective charging strategy in place.

Is the Grid Ready For Electric Vehicles?

“...yes, the grid can handle the introduction of large amounts of EVs,” said Matt Stanberry, vice president of Advanced Energy Economy.

Utilities Rev Up the Electric Vehicle Renaissance

Utilities are emerging as a key player in the global race to deploy electric vehicles and some are much further along than others.

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