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Electric Vehicle News Roundup - Oct 11

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Hanging out in a frunk!

Want to know the latest trends in alternative fuel vehicle technology, transportation and mobility for rural and urban communities in the Peach State? Check out the Clean Energy Roadshow! Take part in seminars, and experience a meet and walk with Georgia Public Service Commissioner, Tim Echols who will host a guided walking showcase of alternative-fuel cars, trucks and buses! There are two events taking place across Georgia now through October. Register and learn more here.

Sunday, October 20

Join fellow EV advocates and enthusiasts from across the state of Georgia on a 30-mile caravan from Atlanta to Serenbe. The caravan will connect with Ray Day, the annual celebration of the life and legacy of green pioneer, Ray Anderson. The event will begin at the Georgia Power Headquarters for a rally. Then, escorted by state troopers, caravan drivers will make their way to Serenbe and RayDay. Register and learn more here.

Check out this article from CleanTechnica's Paul Fosse Pictures & Commentary From Oldsmar Drive Electric Event, that highlights some of the things we love most about National Drive Electric Week. Pictured to the right is Paul from CleanTechnica and Andy Getch, a Driving on Sunshine volunteer! Want to volunteer with us? Click here!


Electric Vehicles

"Elon Musk promised Tesla would soon have a million-mile battery, more than double what drivers can expect today. A new paper suggests he wasn't exaggerating." Yes, you read that correctly. One million miles. A battery that has a longer range will be necessary as more long-haul electric trucks, are utilized into our distribution system.

No gas to buy. No engine noise because, well, there’s no engine. And hardly any maintenance. Those are just some of the advantages to owning an electric vehicle, a choice that more Floridians are making."Driving an electric vehicle is like a “triple play”: It protects the environment, helps solve the energy crisis, and ultimately lowers the cost of vehicle ownership and maintenance. More consumers are now able to find used electric vehicles or hybrids, which typically cost less than new."

Did you know, there are about a dozen police departments going electric with Tesla vehicles? Check out the first department located in Miami going with the Tesla Model 3 as a way to combat climate change.



In some states electric vehicle owners could soon be paying double or even triple the amount that owners of a gas-powered vehicles pay in gas taxes. See the new report from Consumer Reports Advocacy. The analysis finds this approach is both an ineffective way to make up for highway fund shortfalls, and punishes drivers for choosing a zero-emission alternative to traditional gas-burning vehicles.

Kudos to FP&L for promoting EV charging infrastructure in Florida! We look forward to seeing more ways utilities across the Southeast can promote electric transportation that will reduce our carbon emissions and our dependence on dirty fossil fuels.

Thinking of leasing or buying an electric vehicle? Live in an apartment? Wondering where you'll charge your EV? Here are some EV charging tips for apartment dwellers from CleanTechnica.



George Cavros, SACE's Florida Attorney recently took a test drive in the Proterra bus!

"Florida is one of the most vulnerable areas in the country to climate change, and Miami is working tirelessly to lower its greenhouse gas emissions. Deploying battery-electric buses is one of the best actions we can take to improve our environment and our community’s public health. We are looking forward to working with Proterra to deliver clean, quiet transportation to Miami-Dade," said Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Giménez.

North Carolina has joined 23 other states in suing the Trump administration over its decision to end California’s ability to set its own standards for vehicle emissions that are more stringent than the federal government’s. “Our office joined this lawsuit to support states’ authority to fight climate change and protect public health."

North Carolina is a newly-established electric transportation leader! The Tarheel State's newly released Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Plan is the first of its kind in the Southeast. The Plan supports Governor Roy Cooper’s ambitious climate change and clean energy economy goals. The primary goal of the ZEV Plan is to increase the number of registered electric vehicles (EVs) in the state to at least 80,000 by 2025, an increase of approximately 500%. Governor Cooper said recently, “This is the start of something big for our state... At the end of the day, we are going to win this [climate] fight because we are fighting on the side of what is true, what is right, and what is best for the people of this state.” 

Plug-in NC is working to get North Carolina a special license plate to increase awareness and support of EVs! They need 500 paid-in-advance (starting at $10) applications by Feb. 8, 2020. (Refunded if design is not approved.) Start your application:

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