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VI. Establish Education and Outreach Initiatives

Most American drivers are not aware of the cost, public health, and environmental benefits of driving electric. Educational opportunities can be offered to both staff and citizens to increase understanding of electric vehicles, charging, and the cost savings to taxpayers. Examples include having EV information on your website, providing presentations on EVs, and hosting outreach activities such as “ride and drives” at which staff and citizens can ride or drive in electric vehicles. 

A. Consumer Education and Informational Materials Website

Cities and counties can partner with non-profit organizations to expand engagement and increase understanding among citizens about the practicality and benefits of electric driving. They can host information on their website about their own EV initiatives as well as links to additional resources. 




Resources from trusted partners:


Information for developers:

B. Outreach Events

Partnering with other organizations to host electric vehicle community events is a great way to bring current EV drivers together with community members who want to learn more. Events can take place as showcase events, ride and drives, or parades. The best way to get people excited about EVs is for them to test drive them. It also offers an opportunity for elected officials to show their support for electric transportation. Driving on Sunshine, a campaign of the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy (SACE) is one way to help educate.



Go Deeper on Driving On Sunshine

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